Space World Cup

World's most advanced engineering competitions ecosystem for space exploration

Space World Cup innovative ecosystem joins multidisciplinary space exploration competitions in a single groundbreaking event.

1,0-5,0 km Rockets


Develop the best experimental rocket, launch it under professional operational conditions, reach the closest approximation to the targeted apogee, transmit telemetry data and rescue the vehicle in the ocean.
1/8U-6U CubeSats


Develop the best mothership-daughtership CubeSat constellation, fly the daughtership to stratosphere, send a picture of Earth to ground control and explore new applications for Earth and deep-space CubeSats.
< 20 kg Space Suits

Space Suits

Develop the best Mars Space Suit prototype and wear it to complete a Mars simulated task circuit race in the shortest time.

< 5 kg Drones


Develop the best Mars Drone prototype, collect the highest number of samples in a Mars simulated circuit within a limited period, beat an awesome Mars Drones Race.
< 350 g Payload


Apply to board a payload in a team's mission. Design a CanSat to board a rocket, an experiment to board a CubeSat, a tool to board a space suit or a sensor to board a Mars drone.

SWC ecosystem architecture allows teams to participate in one or more missions in each edition.

SWC Innovative Features

Money Prizes

SWC will provide innovative opportunities for teams to win money prizes as a way to help them to get closer to financial independence.

Fair Play Brainstorms

SWC will hold online brainstorms open to all teams as a way to maximize their networking, peer-review opportunities and continuous improvement.

Real Mission Experience

SWC will apply student accessible protocols based on space missions, professional space centers and COBRUF operational experience.

NewSpace DNA

SWC will develop student business skills, create industry-teams network opportunities, boost NewSpace culture, motivate commercially appealing solutions and encourage Startup spin-offs.

Global Market Challenges

SWC will challenge students to propose innovative solutions for real strategic space exploration demands and improve skills for high-performance industries.

Priority in Team Growth

SWC will hold a Network Fair with industry and R&D institutions and work together with the teams to increase their media footprint, peer awareness and technical experience.

SWC reinvents how to do student competitions to maximize positive impact on students' careers and the development of space exploration.

SWC Foundations

Space World Cup aims to become the pinnacle of student experience in space competitions thanks to 8 years of continuous improvement, innovation, trial and error processes and pioneering spirit from COBRUF. Before SWC, we tested several competitions architectures, event configurations and interdisciplinary student professionalization methods through Problem-Based Learning to find what works and what doesn't. Thanks to all teams and space centers that helped us in this long process, SWC will provide an efficient and safe way to democratize the right to fly higher.