COBRUF Association is the most influential private NewSpace initiative in Brazilian aerospace education, having international experience and industry recognition. COBRUF has coordinated several experimental rocket launch operations with the Brazilian Air Force at Brazil’s most experienced federal space launch center, promoted several educational aerospace competitions and cooperations, driven the technical expertise of students at the highest international levels and brought innovative technological concepts to contribute to peaceful space exploration.

Our Vision

Thousands of students worldwide working together to advance peaceful space exploration.

Our Goal

Make peaceful space exploration accessible for students everywhere.

Our Values

We base our work in solid ethical and professional values.

​For the right to fly higher

Everyone can become an astronaut. ​We believe that we must do everything in our power to inspire people everywhere to pursuit as bigger goals as they can dream.

Together, we fly higher

​We believe that peaceful space exploration is the main path for humanity's future and we need to get there together. Fair play, team work and solidarity to our parners and competitors are part of who we are.

Space is for everyone

We work to democratize opportunities of space exploration to students everywhere, no matter the conditions they are born into. More skilled brains attacking a problem can output innovative solutions faster.

Dare the extraordinary

Cobrufians are dreamers and pioneers. We always pursuit daring projects and opportunities for extraordinary achievements. Our projects are never ends in themselves. We guide our decisions to create paths that enpower students to change the world.

Safety first, education right after

Space exploration is dangerous, no matter the scale. We prioritize safety first in all our products, always. Right next to it, our priority is to effectively enhance students education with state-of-the-art professional skills, creating highly qualified human resources.

NewSpace DNA

We design our products with a NewSpace mindset following the main tendencies from the global space market. We always work to create conditions for students worldwide to contribute with this amazing field, while having a lot of fun.

Do it right, always

Ethics are non-negotiable. We believe that how we reach space is as important as the destination. Our culture is of dialogue and transparency about successes, risks, mistakes and errors.

Learn from experience

We believe in learning from past experiences, ours or from others. Science is a collaborative continuous improvement process and we must learn in each iteration.

​Bridge all generations

Getting experienced and fresh ideas together can create great innovation. Our culture is to learn from those who explored space before us, create opportunities for those starting to explore it today and inspire new generations to explore it tomorrow.

Focus on user experience

Technology flies when we are having fun. We focus on creating great experiences to bring the adventurous feeling of pioneering and space exploration, while maximizing team's integration, growth, professionalization and industry acknowledgment.

Our People

We count with a qualified team of volunteers, dreamers and pioneers, ranging from scientists, engineers, professors, students and entrepreneurs from several industries.

Our History

8 years of pioneering, continuous improvement and unique experiences with experimental missions in federal space centers.