International Space Cooperation

World's most advanced cooperation ecosystem for democratizing space exploration educational technologies.

ISC allows teams and startups worldwide to be protagonists in democratizing peaceful space exploration by jointly developing and sharing space exploration technologies and know-how.

1,5 km Basic Rockets

Entrance Mission

1 Design for All Rockets

Join other teams, compile the best system ideas of each one in a single optimized design. Use the design to fabricate, test and assembly the entire vehicle. Then launch all vehicles together in an integrated professional operation.
15,0 km Advanced Rocket

Advanced Mission

1 Design for 1 Rocket

Join other teams, compile the best system ideas of each one in a single optimized design. Distribute each system fabrication, test and assembly among team groups. Then launch the full vehicle together in an integrated professional operation.
1,0 kg CubeSats

Payload Mission

STEAM to Flight

Apply to board a small satellite in an ISC mission. If selected, board the system in one of the rockets to perform a remote scientific experiment.
Advisory Board

Startup Advisory

Academy to Industry

Join ISC as an advisor from industry to give ad hoc insights and recommendations to the teams to contribute to student professionalization and to NewSpace advancement.

Be an ISC Sponsor

Make the difference in democratizing the Right to Fly Higher

ISC Innovative Features

Smart Funding

ISC will bring an innovative income diversification method to allow teams to jointly develop projects in considerably lower costs. ISC reach and infiltration will create unique media opportunities for sponsors and partners.

Money Prizes

ISC will provide innovative opportunities for teams to win money prizes as a way to help them to get closer to financial independence.

Open-Source Technology

Technologies and protocols developed in ISC will be released to the public as a way to democratize know-how access to teams worlwide.

Real Mission Experience

ISC will apply student accessible protocols based on space missions, professional space centers and COBRUF operational experience.

Space Masterclasses

Specialists will teach online critical know-how to the teams on planning, designing, managing, testing, assessing, operating and publicizing projects.

Priority on Team Growth

ISC will work together with the teams to increase their media footprint, peer awareness, technical experience and industry recognition.

Public Databases

ISC data from systems tests will be released to the public as a way to create a joint FOQA program with teams and startups worldwide and boost aerospace R&D.

NewSpace DNA

ISC will provide high-level integration between industry and student teams, boost NewSpace culture, and incentive Startups spin-offs.

Community Building

ISC will work together with the teams to build thrust through results and responsibility within their communities and increase public support for safe aerospace R&D in academic institutions.

ISC counts with robust planning, industry proven protocols, COBRUF's unique cooperation experience and responsible risk assessment to get results over ambitious goals.

ISC Foundations

International Space Cooperation aims to become a world class reference of student-startup cooperation model for sustainable space technology development and high-quality human resource generation thanks to 8 years of COBRUF experience, pioneering, innovation, trial and error process and continuous improvement. Before ISC, we created the first cooperations between student teams for rocket development in Latin America's history, tested several methods for remote multipolar project management, remote design, remote people management, technology transfer and know-how continuity to find what works and what doesn't. Thanks to all teams and space centers that helped us in this long process, ISC will provide a unique team experience and an efficient and safe way to democratize the right to fly higher.